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06 August 2008 @ 02:16 pm
So it doesn't look like this community has been updated in a while, but I'm rewatching the entire series and taking some notes along the way. Unfortunately I don't have episode references.

Have you met the perfect couple?
The two soul mates whose love never dies?
The two lovers whose relationship is never threatened.
The husband and wife who trust each other completely.
If you haven't met the perfect couple, let me introduce you.
They stand atop a layer of buttercream frosting.
The secret of their success?
Well, for starters, they don't have to look at each other.
~Mary Alice

Illnesses can take on many forms. Those of the body are easy to treat. Much more difficult are the hidden maladies that fester in our hearts.
~Mary Alice

After two failed marriages and countless rocky romances, [Edie] had learned that love was a battlefield and the easiest way to survive the carnage was total surrender. But the day comes for every soldier when she must take a stand and fight.
~Mary Alice

It’s what married people do. They go out of their way to calm each other’s irrational fears.

No-one wants to admit that compassion and cruelty can live side-by-side in one heart, and that anyone is capable of anything.
~Mary Alice

Why do we fight so hard for control? Because we know that to lose it means putting our fate in the hands of others, and what could be more dangerous?
~Mary Alice

The restaurant is starting to make money, I just bought a new jet ski, my cholesterol is down, but none of it is any fun without… without her.

Think of something unpleasant, like marriage, or disease, or… hobos…

Mrs Solis, to take care of you… it’s my dream.

That’s the difference between you and I – you can be heartbroken, but you can just… move on, and I… am just broken.

Still, despite our best intentions, some of us will lose our companions along the way, and the journey will become unbearable. You see, human beings are designed for many things, but loneliness isn’t one of them.
~Mary Alice

If you keep talking, you’re going to work your way into my heart, and I just don’t want you anywhere near my heart ever.

Would you like a glass of water and maybe an excuse to come in and talk to me?
Susan (I think...)

Yes, each new day in our lives brings with it a new set of lies, but the worst are the ones we tell ourselves before we fall asleep. We whisper them in the dark telling ourselves we’re happy, that he’s happy, that we can change, or that he will change his mind. We persuade ourselves we can live with our sins, or that we can live without him. Yes, each night before we fall asleep, we lie to ourselves in the desperate, desperate hope that come morning, it will all be true.
~Mary Alice

Everyone in the world needs someone they can depend on. Be they faithful friends, determined advocates, or a loving family, but occasionally in life the people we thought would always be there for us leave. And if that happens, it’s amazing the lengths we'll go to to get them back.
~Mary Alice

Yes, the game of make-believe is a simple one; you start by lying to yourself. And if you can get others to believe those lies, you win.
~Mary Alice

We all need something to help us get through the night even if it’s the tiniest glimmer of hope.
~Mary Alice

But sadly for Bree, defeat was not an option.
~Mary Alice

If I could get a good person to love me, then I would find a way to forgive them.

I’ve lived with this bitterness for so long, I think I’d be lonely without it.

Sometimes evil drives a minivan.
~Mr Shaw

And sometimes the only way to ward off the darkness is to shine the light of compassion.
~Mary Alice

Return the shoes? I can't talk to you when you're hysterical.
30 March 2006 @ 11:38 am
Hey all. This doesn't really have anything to do with DH (unless you're a fan of the music from the show), but I saw this link on someone's livejournal - http://ipods.freepay.com/?r=28893614. Apparently you can win an iPod, and it's legit. Either way, I completed an offer. If you're interested, check out the link. If you're not, just ignore this, and please don't flame me. Bye!
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22 November 2005 @ 03:29 pm
The best quote from this weeks episode:
Gabrielle: "Well people greive differently. I shop, and you rip toilets out of the wall."

and one from season one...
George: "Hello Mr. Van De Kamp."
Rex: "Please, you're dating my wife, call me Rex."
08 November 2005 @ 11:12 pm

As soon as I saw this community, I joined, grabbed my notebook and I started going through all the DH quotes I've gathered so far:p These are my all-time faves:

a cut just because...Collapse )

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08 November 2005 @ 07:42 pm
andrew to bree: "Grandma may be a bitch, but she's family, so she's our bitch."
07 November 2005 @ 11:01 pm
I love sex. I love everything about it: the sensations, the smells. I especially love the feel of a man. All that muscle and sinew pressed against my body. And then when you add friction. MMMmmmm. The tactile sensation of running my tongue over a man's nipple ever so gently. And then there's the act itself; two bodies becoming one in that final eruption of pleasure. To be honest, the only thing I don't like about sex is the scrotum. I mean obviously it has its practical applications but I'm just not a fan. -- Bree

that's my fav... i don't know if it's 100% right or not but I tried
11 August 2005 @ 10:01 am
I put some of my favorite quotes from the show onto icons. Let me know what you think :D

19 20 22

[+22 more over here] @ hobbitholes.
03 August 2005 @ 10:03 pm
Here are three of my favs:

"Please, you're dating my wife. Call me Rex!"

to Bree re: Andrew "He lived in your womb for a few months back in the 80's, since them I've grown to love him just as much as you."

to Bree re: Andrew (again) "He's a teenage boy; you could take away his p*nis and he'd still try to have sex."

Man, I'm gonna miss him.
03 August 2005 @ 08:40 pm
Hi everyone, here is a few of mine :

Bree: "Do me a favor, Rex. Please don't mistake my anal retentiveness for actual affection."


Bree: "Rex cries after he ejaculates."


Bree(to andrew): "Your father is into S and M."
Rex: "Bree!"
Bree: "He makes me beat him with a riding crop, and I let him. It's no wonder you're perverted. Look who your parents are."


=) gotta love Breeisms
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03 August 2005 @ 01:08 pm
Bree: "Rex cries after he ejaculates"

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